Tuesday, April 19, 2011

lights in unusual places.

Amidst the various Knog lights (we have the new Boomer USB rechargeables) and under the Planet Bike Superflash lights, we now have BAR END LIGHTS by SunLite. They look pretty unassuming in their little package, yet once installed are a rockin' option for your required rear red reflector. Watch the videos below to see the lights in action.

"Lights are required by law when riding after dark. You or your bicycle must have a white light visible at least 500 feet to the front, and a red light or reflector visible at least 600 feet to the rear. These are the minimum requirements." --from the Oregon Bicyclist Manual (wondering about the rest of the laws for bikes?Here's a link to the Oregon Bicyclist Manual.)

Sitting Pretty, Brooks are back.

Sometimes you get lucky and whatever saddle came on your bike is adequate. Other times you may want an upgrade. Brooks saddles are the leather saddle to buy. We had some VO brooks-like saddles, but they just aren't nearly as wonderful, so we're bringing the real Brooks back. In stock are four of the most commonly purchased Brooks saddles.

If you're not quite ready to commit to the Brooks, we have a fair selection of other sport saddles. And because saddles are such an amazingly personal thing, if you buy one and turns out it doesn't fit your sit bones and nether parts comfortably, you can bring it back in exchange toward a different style. (as long as it is still as good as new y'know. ask mechanic on the sales floor for details)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Are you attending the Alice Awards?

I've been keeping an eye on the growing list of donors and awesome live auction items coming up at the BTA's Alice Awards.

A Better Cycle donated three packages for the silent auction. Two items I made exclusively for the event: a one-of-a-kind medium tool roll, and a one-of-a-kind mini quilt shown below. 
Are you going? I'd love to know. I wonder if they still need volunteers...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hip pouches, and a chicken!

I love getting new Bike Craft wares in stock! After having an appliqued Black Star hip pouch with Oregon on it hanging out for a while, Dave kindly traded us for this green hip pouch with a chicken on it! He's also coming by later this week to drop off stock from their current run of hip pouches. I'm hoping we'll get to have one or two of his backpacks on consignment once they are done too.

Also new are the Mini-You Pouch by new-to-Portland bag makers BLAQ Design. It's such a cute little size with a nice pocket and sturdy velcro. It'll be perfect for carrying your utmost essentials. The BLAQ pouches have a built in u-lock holster and they fit the mini-bulldog u-locks we carry.

Also remember, we're on Supportland so if you happen to stop by and purchase any of these hip pouches, you'll be earning points toward awesome rewards. (Supportland is like having 87 punch cards in one, shop local at participating businesses and earn points to redeem at any other participating business!)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

87 local punch cards in one!

We are now part of the lovely Supportland network!

Basically, you get a free Supportland card at our shop (or one of the other 86 local businesses who are also on the network) and you earn points and rewards by shopping locally. For instance, when you get 10 punches at our shop, you earn a Bike Cozy tool roll! And once you've earned 250 points you could redeem them at our shop for $25 off your next tune-up!

Or if that flat tire is keeping you from enjoying our intermittent sunny days, you can redeem 75 of your Supportland points for a tube change (including a new tube).

Check out what Supportland businesses are in your 'hood.  From coffee shops to yarn stores and creative coaching, there's a big range of local awesome going on that you ought to get in on.