What People Say

"I'm a huge fan of ABC. Every time I go in I get personal service from someone who knows what they're talking about, and takes their time helping me. The selection is everything you want and need, which is surprising coming from a little shop, but they've always had what I've come in for, including some pretty specific tools and tires.  I seriously want to take that penny farthing out for a joy ride sometime." -- Amos H. via yelp

"For some reason, every time I go here, I get exactly what I need, even though the shop is pretty small. I've had two minor repairs done at A Better Cycle, a busted pedal and a broken spoke.  Both were done swiftly, professionally, and quite reasonably priced.  I've also gone shopping for bike bits -- lights and whatnot -- and their buyer just has a really good eye for what's good.  The only thing I haven't done there is buy a full bicycle.  But whatever they're doing, it's working." --Michael K. via yelp

" A great bike shop - quality work - owner/workers are more than willing to help or make recommendations of other great shops in the case that they cannot provide immediate help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
--BBII via Google Places

Most helpful and friendly bike shop I have been to in town. " 
--Belmondo via Google Places

"I'm used to dealing with "Type A" racer types when stepping into bike shops. Not so here... These are more along the lines of "bikes are awesome, lets go out and ride!" kinda folks.
Several months ago, I was helping a friend piece back together an older Peugeot Mixte and we happened in to the shop looking for a semi-obscure part. Not only did the have the part in question, but they gave us some great ideas on how to finish up the project. The bike's up and running and amazing, and honestly, I can't imagine how we would have faired with the project had we not stopped in.
That said, they're nowhere near me location-wise, but I'm more than happy to bike across town to give them my business."

--Brent S. via Yelp

"Attention to detail, honest work, and on-time delivery. A great addition to the neighborhood and my one-stop shop for all my cycling needs!" 
--Chuck G. via Yelp

"This is a really awesome bike shop because the guys who own/run it make it that way.  They aren't over-pretentious and really like to just help their customers.  I brought my bike in for some minor adjustments to the shifting mechanisms and they went over a whole health check on it and made recommendations for what i should probably have done in the next 3-6 months.  They laid out the price for everything, which seemed reasonable to me and didn't charge for the tweaks they made!  I also like how they taught me a little about how the dérailleur worked. A big plus for being open on Sunday for all those last second needs before the work week begins!"
-- David W. via Yelp

"1. Awesome/helpful mechanics. They lack the pretensions and inflated sense of superiority that sometimes permeates other bike shops. 
2. It's collectively-owned which is rad.
3. Really affordable."

--Kristen W. via Yelp