Sunday, February 27, 2011

Care Package for Bike to Eugene Challenge

We got an email in our inbox about a week ago from one of our customers, on behalf of the Environmental Law Caucus, a forum for environmental stewardship and appreciation at Lewis & Clark Law School.

Liv was asking for donations for their upcoming (Mar 3) Bike to Eugene Challenge, when a gaggle of riders will pedal 140 miles from Portland to the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference at the University of Oregon. Being her neighborhood shop we're so pleased to put together a little care package for the group of bicyclists on their long ride.

We're hoping to do more for next year's ride, with a little more notice. Until then I hope the conference is awesome and we're looking for a full recap of the ride when they get back!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

As promised, Truce is ready.

Two backpacks ready for you to come and check out. Like I mentioned last week, the detailing is really impressive. Reflective bits abound to add little pecks of visibility at night. The lines of the backpacks are smooth. The size of these "medium" backpacks leaves me feeling it would hold just everything I need on a day to day basis without letting me overpack. Not pictured are special cords (stowed in the top compartment) which attach easily to side buckles and can turn into compression straps if you find yourself out and about needing just a little more space.

Made primarily of reclaimed marine grade materials and USA made bits and bobbles, these backpacks show Luke's commitment to growing a sustainable company. Here's an excerpt from Truce's website:
Truce builds resilient, fashionable and environmentally responsible bags and accessories for men and women. Crafted with reclaimed and high-performance materials, Truce bags are sleek, durable and weatherproof. Our products are proudly made in the USA.
Truce prides itself on re-purposing high-performance fabrics that may have been otherwise discarded. Sails, waterproof drysuit cloth, and ballistic weaves are reclaimed and assembled with high-performance hardware at our shop in Portland, Oregon. At Truce, everything we make is a limited edition.

I'm really excited to be carrying Truce Designs. It just warms my little Bike Craft loving heart.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coming Soon! Truce Designs

Oh so soon, you'll be able to shop and compare not 1, not 2 yet 3 local bag makers at our shop. Soon, and very soon we'll have two backpacks by Truce Designs up on our Bike Craft Wall.

These bags are seriously detailed and well thought out. I spoke with Luke when he dropped the bags off earlier this morning and every detail on the bag has a reason behind it. One of the things I was ultimately impressed with is Luke's commitment to sourcing as many of his materials from US manufacturers as possible. From USA made buckles (all except the whistle buckle) to USA made zippers and reclaimed marine materials for the bodies, these backpacks are tight.

My snapshot does no justice to the superb craftsmanship. For beautiful photos and explanation of features visit Truce's website  and blog respectively.

We'll have, to start, the medium backpack retailing for $230. Save up your nickels and dimes boys and girls, until then we're drooling right next to you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bike Craft Goods in the House

A little compendium of the current selection of Black Star goods and North St Bags we have at the shop..

Oregon pri-zide showing up with a brown applique on pine green cordura. Hip pouch with ready-made awesomeness, belt included.

A Tan (with yellow?) insides convertible pannier to backpack. This is the Woodward style from North St Bags.

The other North St convertible pannier in stock, wine with blue accents.

Black Star messenger bag, understated brown with the Black Star.

A leftie messenger bag, the bag goes on opposite most messenger bags. The advantage? When you're checking over your left shoulder in traffic, you can actually see what's behind you because the high bulk of the bag is over your other shoulder.

Same leftie bag with showing the green innards.

Black Star bags have reflective bottoms so cars behind can see you at night. (Not a replacement for a rear light, yet handy additional visibility.)

Aaron with the empty bag on.

Black Star Bags wallets! One of the ways Black Star reduces waste is by converting smaller scraps into useful objects like wallets. heart.