Saturday, June 11, 2011

So, Google Sent a film crew to make a "mini documentary" (read: commercial) about us. Here it is. Thanks Google.

Google Places Portland - A Better Cycle from Agency Charlie on Vimeo.


Friday, June 10, 2011

This Truce won't last long.

I am just popping by the shop on my way to my sewing studio and then the Etsy/I<3Art/PNCA/MoCC all day craft party (where I'm leading the Mighty Ugly activity). And out of the corner of my eye I see something different on the Bike Craft Wall.

Looks just like any other day on the bike craft wall. 
"oooooh! Luke dropped off a new bag!" And this one makes me wish I'd worn my techier sport clothes so I could match.

But wait! That's a new Truce bag.

Red liner (and a teal pocket inside) are such a good combination.

One of my favorite functions is the "carry on" mode.
The shoulder straps tuck into the back so nothing's hanging loose and
you can carry it like a duffel bag.

We currently have two TRUCE backpacks in stock and this newest one is h-o-t.