Saturday, April 2, 2011

87 local punch cards in one!

We are now part of the lovely Supportland network!

Basically, you get a free Supportland card at our shop (or one of the other 86 local businesses who are also on the network) and you earn points and rewards by shopping locally. For instance, when you get 10 punches at our shop, you earn a Bike Cozy tool roll! And once you've earned 250 points you could redeem them at our shop for $25 off your next tune-up!

Or if that flat tire is keeping you from enjoying our intermittent sunny days, you can redeem 75 of your Supportland points for a tube change (including a new tube).

Check out what Supportland businesses are in your 'hood.  From coffee shops to yarn stores and creative coaching, there's a big range of local awesome going on that you ought to get in on.

1 comment:

revphil said...

without a doubt, the number of great locally owned places in Portland is one of the most talked about topics when in my travels.

I feel proud to do business with good people that I know and trust.

"Deaconass" my dinglespeed polo/ is still rolling strong, thanks to you fine folks.

Thanks ABC!