Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hip pouches, and a chicken!

I love getting new Bike Craft wares in stock! After having an appliqued Black Star hip pouch with Oregon on it hanging out for a while, Dave kindly traded us for this green hip pouch with a chicken on it! He's also coming by later this week to drop off stock from their current run of hip pouches. I'm hoping we'll get to have one or two of his backpacks on consignment once they are done too.

Also new are the Mini-You Pouch by new-to-Portland bag makers BLAQ Design. It's such a cute little size with a nice pocket and sturdy velcro. It'll be perfect for carrying your utmost essentials. The BLAQ pouches have a built in u-lock holster and they fit the mini-bulldog u-locks we carry.

Also remember, we're on Supportland so if you happen to stop by and purchase any of these hip pouches, you'll be earning points toward awesome rewards. (Supportland is like having 87 punch cards in one, shop local at participating businesses and earn points to redeem at any other participating business!)

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