Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reasons to close for holidays

Our recent change in hours has gone very smoothly. Number one response to the new hours "You were open at 8 in the morning?"

Being open 7 days a week, it's pretty rare that we get a chance to close. Sometimes we'll use a holiday like MayDay to close and have our peer review (spokes council. spokes like bike wheels, get it, we're so clever), and other times like Labor Day, we close because it makes sense and we could all use a day off.
Partially just as a reminder to ourselves, here is a list of days we know we will be closed in the upcoming holiday season. They have been historically quiet days and we feel pretty confident you'll be off doing other stuff.

thursday November 25 Thanksgiving Day
friday November 26 Buy Nothing Day

saturday December 25 Christmas Day

saturday Jan 1 New Years Day

1 comment:

Jeme said...

I firmly support your decision to be closed on holidays. Even when it's not your particular religion that's caused the day of observance, it's important to respect your workers who would like to observe.

And I believe every holiday should be a "buy nothing day" in order to remove the impetus for capitalists to force folk to labor on the days they might like to observe.