Friday, September 24, 2010

Baskets and bungees

The other day a customer was in the shop trying to decide whether to get a rear rack, or a front basket.

It made me think of how much I love my front basket (I think of it as the middle size basket, but Ian tells me that most people would think of it as a big basket). I have been able to carry everything I have needed (within reason) with my front basket and trusty bungee net. The bungee net is key.

Me and my bike set up a couple of years ago. . . before we found my awesome mixte frame. The basket is carrying: a toaster oven, metal kitchen drawer set and a foot stool.
Ian also has some fancy language about the center of gravity axis of the bicycle and where is best to carry the weight for the best handling/ride, and it all makes sense. I just know I love my basket.


Dan Herman said...

another reason to like front racks/baskets is that your rear wheel is already supporting more weight than your front (esp. for upright riders). More weight will mean more pressure on the spokes of your rear wheel, means more chance of needing a replacement/more frequent truing.

Plus, you can see the stuff.

Ruthie said...

There are so many reasons to go "full frontal". You can keep an eye on your cargo, you can balance more easily at stops, also like the above comment said, you can more evenly distribute the load on your bike. Baskets all around!!!