Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We need to get rid of all these bikes we haven't sold  yet, so we decided to knock 10% OFF the price of all the bicycles we have.  That means our bikes are anywhere from $45 to $130 cheaper!  Not only that, but you still get 10% off any accessories (racks, fenders, locks, helmets, gloves, etc.); a free tune-up; and a T-Shirt when you buy a bike from us.
We also have a ton of decent frames waiting for custom builds.
These include:
Kona Smoke
Kona Jake the Snake
Razesa - Columbus tubes, Spanish made. These guys built high end frames for Zeus back in the day.
Schroeder Mixte - Handmade in Copenhagen
and a bunch of other cool stuff.
Slow season is on its way for us and I'm sick of looking at all of these beautiful bikes and frames just gathering dust!

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