Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Pake C'mute frame is a versatile option for 700C wheels, with a geometry and weight that balances comfort and efficiency.  

   We built this one, so it's one of a kind, with Shimano Alfine eight speed internal hub (the gears are actually inside the hub, sealed from the elements.) making it extremely low maintenance and user friendly.  

   The front wheel is built with a matching Alfine generator hub that powers the light which is mounted to the quick release skewer.  An integrated rear light resides in the seat post.  With fenders and a rack included this bike is ready to ride, everyday, rain or shine.  

This particular frame is a 56cm but should suit riders around 6 feet +/- .  We can order frames in sizes ranging from 47cm to 60cm and all the parts are customizable so we can easily do this with drop bars or go more upright, whatever you like.

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