Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Labor Price (slight) Increase


We have decided to bring our hourly rate up to reflect the increase in facilities cost we have accumulated over the years. It is always our goal to be better equipped to serve our wonderful clientele as best as we can. In effort to do this, we have spared little creating a workshop that can service more people, more completely.

The unfortunate caveat of this effort is increased expenses. We hope and ask that our beloved customers(who, by the way, are the best people on the planet) understand and appreciate what this means.

As of March 1st, 2012 Our hourly rate will be $60.00 an Hour rather than $50.00. This will affect Tune up prices, primarily. Other packaged deals will reflect the change as well, such as Overhauls, etc. Our "ala Carte" options will remain mostly unchanged, as they were based around $1.00 a minute estimations.

We look forward to your support on this matter, and we apologize in advance to anyone who feels alienated by this change.

Much love for all the business that has gotten us to this point,

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