Sunday, January 30, 2011

Remodel complete

While it still just looks like the mechanic area of a bike repair shop, we're real proud of our mini-winter-remodel a couple of weeks ago.

Stuff that was piled on Ian's floor, piled on Ian's bench.
Aaron and Clinton moved most/all of the other stuff that was taking up floor space. 

Where'd all the stuff go? Down on the sales floor, one of the many reasons we had to close for the process.

We all met Monday morning, caffeine in hand, to tackle the carpet removal.

With everything moved, it became so much easier to see just how disgusting the carpet had become over 3 years of mechanickery.

 It's so satisfying to see a transformation like this, tearing up the carpet and padding and tack bars and staples and all, ah. . . accomplishment!

 And suddenly a ninja appeared.

 Pry bars and hammers were necessary to get all the tack bars detached.

 After dozens of rounds of sweeping, Ian and Clinton decided the floor was sufficiently prepped for the floor sealer, which meant it was time to don shoe booties to avoid tracking any dust/dirt upstairs.

 Everything's back in place and we added some shelving units. And hopefully the new shelves will aide in better organization versus just more stuff.

Shelves! Oh, btw those stacked rims are all tubular rims that we would l-o-v-e to sell. Get in touch if you're interested ABetterCycle [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Sixty Fiver said...

Having been able to spend a little time in your newly renovated shop I must say you have done a wonderful job... the layout is great (from a mech's POV)