Wednesday, August 18, 2010

sold! Just this once sale: Black Star Hip Pouch

Well, someone's dirty greasy fingerprint has besmudged our last in stock Black Star hip pouch (we are due to get more soon!)

Just this once, we're putting it on sale because no one wants a brand new hip pouch to have a giant grease mark on it. . . but a brand new hip pouch with a giant grease mark that you got for a deal!? Normally $40, this one is marked down to $30.

If you'd like your own Black Star hip pouch (green with yellow interior) it can be yours for $30.

And if you want to cover up the grease stain, you could get one of the Microcosm patches we just got back in stock!

But don't get any dirty ideas. Rachel gets really sad when we don't make any money on stuff. So keep your greasy fingerprints to yourself!

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